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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Things Coming Up

I remember hearing the Rev. Dr. John Ed Mathison, retired Senior Pastor of Fraser Memorial United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama say many years ago, “If the pastor knows everything that’s going on in the life of a church, there’s not enough going on!” Now, I know John Ed did not say that to excuse himself from knowing about or being involved in the mission and ministry life of his church! No, for surely he and many other faithful disciples of Christ built an amazing Christian outpost there in Montgomery.

What John Ed was doing was pointing to what a church could be and ought to be: one where every member was engaged in meaningful ministry, where new mission and ministry initiatives were birthed openly and often. Mathison’s guide for pursuing a ministry was just this: “If there’s someone spiritually led to lead in the proposed ministry, we will do it. If there isn’t, that’s our sign from the Holy Spirit that we shouldn’t do it right now.”

It’s an ethos where church is an incubator of and for ministry. That inspires me. I have the same view. Here at Redwine UMC, I want to nurture a climate of “church as incubator” for ministry. We’ve already seen some new ministries rise up in 2012 alone and I hope and pray that we’ll have more this year. Many more.

I want to mention a few ministries that are coming up that I hope will encourage you and inspire you in faith and love and service, even fellowship!

First, this Saturday at 10AM, there will be a gathering in the Fellowship Hall of people who will be putting together Missions Presentation Boards for our upcoming Missions Sunday, which will be Sunday, May 20. Be watching for information about Missions Sunday in upcoming bulletins and the May newsletter. God bless you Ministry leaders!

Second, next Sunday is FRIENDSHIP SUNDAY! It’s a 5th Sunday, so bring a covered dish or two and some friends and neighbors to enjoy worship, friendship, fellowship, and, oh yes, great food! Remember, there’s only one 11AM Worship Service on Friendship Sunday. I’m so glad we’re being intentional on 5th Sundays to bring both worship congregations together under one roof!

Lastly, also this Saturday, the (Holy) Ghost Riders ride again! This is our second ride and, like the first one, it starts at 7:30AM in the church parking lot. We’ll go to Kurt’s for a quick breakfast, then hit the road to Fields of the Wood Bible Park in Murphy, NC.

I am so excited about the movement of ministry here at Redwine UMC. Please talk to me, Debbie Flanagan our Missions Chair, or any staff member if the Holy Spirit lays a mission or ministry on your heart. I would love nothing better than for one day someone to come up to me and tell me about an aspect of ministry at Redwine that I didn’t know about! That’s a happy thought for me! God bless you!

Your Pastor and Friend, Mark

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