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Monday, May 07, 2012

Why I Love Confirmation Sunday

This year's curriculum was titled, Credo: Know Your Story, Confirm Your Faith, Live Your Commitment. The Confirmation Experience is a continuation of a young person's faith journey which began at baptism (if he or she were baptized as an infant) and the beginning of his or her covenant relationship with the Church of Jesus Christ. It consists of instruction, discussion, study, homework, and prayer all designed to help each young person learn about faith and have a sense of how to live as a disciple of Christ in a covenant relationship with the church.

Today, Confirmation Sunday, our worship will center around celebrating our young people's Confirmation journey and hearing their own personally developed life and faith Credo! Say hello to this year’s Confirmands!

Allie Grace Matthew McManus
Phenix Frier E.B. Glover
Hunter Johnson Georgia Warnock
Kenna Beaman Tucker Rothschild

Here are just some of the reasons why I love Confirmation Sunday:

First, It Recognizes and Initiates Young People as “persons of age,” that is, as responsible church members who are aware:

1) of who they are in the sight of God, 2) of who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for them on the cross, 3) of the presence of God through His Holy Spirit, and 4) that the Church is the bride and body of Jesus Christ established on earth to be God’s earthly Kingdom Outpost where people love each other, grow in discipleship, and serve others in mission both locally and globally. There is no higher calling than to be initiated into the fellowship of the Church of Jesus Christ. I’ve always believed that. It’s thrilling and exciting to witness!

Second, The Church Family is an Active Participant in the Confirmation experience. Today the church will read and recite important liturgy that serves to embrace our young people and pledges love, prayers, and support to them all the days of their lives. Confirmation gives us, the Church, a chance to truly be the Church: to receive and initiate young disciples into its functioning ministry life. Confirmation is the Church of Jesus Christ carrying out Jesus’ great Commission of making disciples.

Third, The Holy Spirit is Active and Moving in our presence when we recognize, celebrate, and initiate our youngest disciples of Jesus Christ. This morning, let’s all open our hearts to feel the fresh blowing of God’s Holy Spirit as He moves among us in this celebration.

God bless you, Redwine Church family, as we take an active part in our Confirmands’ experience. God bless you, Confirmands. We love you and want you to know we are always here for you. Now, go and lead us in blessing and serving others. For surely we all know that you are our future.

Your Pastor and Friend, Mark

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